What do you think the Government response would be to a terrorist attack that killed 2000 Australians? The army would be on the street, wouldn’t it!

But what happens when the cause of these 2000 deaths is the Government itself? And could you be at risk?

You’ve probably heard of Robodebt by now – the automated system that doesn’t have human oversight. It makes regular FALSE claims against Australia’s most vulnerable people.

And it could be expanded to the rest of us! They’re already going after Medicare records.

They’ve already gone after a DEAD disability pensioner. It’s out of control. Who knows who’s next!

Centrelink tried to raise a debt against disability pensioner, Bruce McCardel AFTER he died.

Robodebt has now been linked to over 2000 deaths. If this were a terrorist crime, you’d bet the Government would be all over it.

But because this only affects people who’d never vote for the Government anyway, they don’t care.

Australians are famous for their good nature and decency, but increasingly this Government is treating us like we’re all heartless monsters who are also stupid.

They think we don’t know that ‘dole bludgers‘ is a rubbish term invented by rich media owners who trying – and failing – to sell papers. They think we don’t know that the most likely person to be on the dole – and homeless – are GRANDMOTHERS.

They think we don’t know that people in this country are literally starving! We are one of the richest countries on earth. How can this be?

How did Australia come to this?

Even the Reserve Bank of Australia says that the ECONOMY needs us to raise the dole.

But because the Government has tied itself up into impossible promises about a surplus – which is itself a ticking economic ‘time bomb’ – it refuses to help starving and homeless people.

Luckily, there are elections in this country and at the next election, look for a candidate that cares about not driving poor people to their deaths.

For more about the toxic Robodebt practices, go here.